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Now assign the material to your static mesh model.

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Select your mod content folder. All of your assets must go into your mod content folder. In this case it's called "MyFirstMod". Then click on "Import".

Mod ImportModel.png

Select your assets from disk. In this case we are going to import a FBX and some textures.

Mod ImportAssets.png

Unreal Engine will ask you on how to import your FBX.

Mod FBXImport.png

The assets will show up in your Content Browser.

Mod NewAssetsInContentFolder.JPG

We now need to create a new material. Material are shaders that define what textures our 3D model will show. Once you have clicked on "Material" you can give the material a name. We will name it "M_WeedPlant".

Mod CreateMaterial.png

Double click on "M_WeedPlant" and drag the textures inside the material editor.

Mod DragTexturesInMaterial.png

Finish the material setup by connecting the textures. Then click "Save" in the top left corner.

Mod SaveMaterial.JPG

Now assign the material to your static mesh model.

Mod AssignMaterial.png