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Edit the BaseProfile launch profile.
Edit "BaseProfile".
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Go back and edit "ModProfile".

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The Onsets Scripting API is what other games call "modding". Since scripting is the main feature of Onsets, Onset can be seen as modding "by default".

This guide is just for how to import additional 3D models to Onset.


Onset uses the Unreal Engine and therefore uses it's modding pipeline to load additional content. Unfortunately this process it not easy in Unreal, so already having a bit of experience in Unreal will definitely help you.

You can import any 3D models from any 3D program into Unreal (FBX, OBJ). Unreal will create a .pak file out of your assets that can then be loaded in Onset.


Lua Modding Functions

Onset Engine Version

Onset Version Engine Version
1.0.0 UE 4.23

Install Unreal Engine

You first need to install the Unreal Engine. See the above table for what version is required.


Create the Unreal Mod Project

After installing the Unreal Engine, launch it.

Mod EngineStart.JPG

Name your project and then click Create Project. This is not the name of the mod.

Mod CreateProject.png

First thing to do is to save the initial map. Unreal Engine requires this later on for the packaging process. Hit the "Save Current" button.

Mod SaveMap.png

Make sure it looks like this and then click "Save".

Mod SaveMap2.png

Go to Edit -> Plugins

Mod PluginsOpen.png

Select "New Plugin"

Mod Plugins1.png

Select "Content Only". Enter a mod name. Make sure "Show Content Directory" is ticked. Then click "Create Plugin".

Mod PluginsCreate.png

You will see this message.

Mod MyFirstModCreated.png

Introduce Content

Open the Content Browser.

Mod OpenContentBrowser.png

Click this icon to get a folder overview.

Mod ContentBrowserEnhance.png

All files that you import will need to be placed inside your mod content folder (MyFirstMod).

Mod ContentBrowserFolder.png

If you are familiar with Unreal then you can skip this: Import3DModel You can also watch any Unreal tutorial on YouTube on how to add and setup your models in Unreal.

Package your content

We now continue to package all of your assets into a single .pak file. Go to "Window" -> "Project Launcher":

Mod OpenProjectLauncher.png

Edit "BaseProfile".

Mod EditBaseProfile.png

Check every setting so that it looks like in the image below.

Mod BaseProfile.png

Go back and edit "ModProfile".

Mod EditModProfile.png