What Is Onset

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Onset is an open world multiplayer sandbox without predefined goals. Create and host your very own experience in Onset using scripting functions. The possibilities of the server are endless and less-restrictive than others.

What can you do with Onset?

  • dedicated multiplayer servers upto 300 players.
  • In-game VoIP with 3d spatialization and scripting functions to create radios or phones.
  • Host your own server with a gamemode made in Lua with over 400 unique Lua functions.
  • Create UIs with HTML/CSS/JS and Lua scripting, thanks to CEF.
  • Add your own custom assets (props) for use.
  • Add your own character models ImportPlayerMesh.
  • Make your own maps that utilize the base 20km2 map.
  • Make your own custom weapons (pistols and rifles) with modding.
  • Re-texture existing props by applying custom materials.
  • Utilize Unreal Engine exposed Lua functions for endless possibilities such as custom text labels, synchronized traffic lights et cetera.

Example Lua Script: https://github.com/BlueMountainsIO/OnsetLuaScripts

List of game modes and other scripts that you can use: https://github.com/alexandregv/awesome-onset

What can you NOT do with Onset?

  • Importing your own vehicles.
  • Importing your custom map levels.
  • Editing the base map.
  • Tunable vehicles.
  • Editing original game texture with your own.

When will more features be implemented?

For all the news regarding the Onset's roadmap and feature announcements, follow us on our roadmap Trello at https://playonset.com/roadmap. You can find more information on our Discord.