server config

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You can find the game and server limitations here: Limitations.

Config Description
servername The hostname of your server (220 max. chars including markup). Markup for colors and UTF8 icons require a subscription.
servername_short The short version of the hostname (128 max. chars). Used for Discord/Steam Rich Presence. (Should not contain markup but can contain UTF8 icons)
gamemode A description what you can do on your server.
website_url A link to your servers homepage.
ipaddress Address to bind your server on. Use "localhost" to make it accessible from your computer only. Use "" to bind on any address.
port Main network port to connect to your server (UDP). Query port (UDP) is this port - 1. File port (TCP) is this port - 2.
password Leave empty to disable.
timeout Time in milliseconds after which an unresponsive player will be dropped. This should be between 10000 and 20000 milliseconds.
iplimit Limit the amount of connections per IP. New connections exceeding that number are being dropped immediately.
masterlist true to have your server made public in the server list. false otherwise. This only works if your server is reachable on the internet.
plugins Array of plugins you want to load. These must be in the plugins folder.
packages Array of packages you want to load.
client_cache_id The cache id used by the server. Useful for those who run multiple servers with the same gamemode and assets.
voice Enable VoIP system.
voice_sample_rate VoIP sample rate, higher rates have better quality but also require more bandwidth. Valid rates are: 8000, 12000, 16000, 24000 and 48000.
voice_distance Distance where you can hear other players talking.
voice_spatialization Makes the VoIP sound 3D including spatialization and falloff.

Example server_config.json

        "servername": "[g]🌴 [c=#00ff00]Horizon[/c] [c=red]Prototype[/c] [c=yellow]Labs[/c] 🗽 [b]LIT AF[/b] 🚬🔥 [i]блять[/i] 🔫 + 💊 = 🚨 [u][b]NOICE[/b][/u] OK come on in 👀[/g]",
        "gamemode": "GET THE EXPERIENCE ⛺ 💊",
        "website_url": "",
        "ipaddress": "",
        "port": 7777,
        "maxplayers": 25,
        "password": "",
        "timeout": 15000,
        "iplimit": 5,
        "masterlist": true,
        "plugins": [
        "packages": [
        "stream_distance": 12000.0,
        "stream_update_rate": 0.05,
        "voice": true,
        "voice_sample_rate": 24000,
        "voice_distance": 4000.0,
        "voice_spatialization": true