Custom Connect Screen

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Since Onset 1.2.2 the client can display a web UI while connecting and downloading files from a server. The page to show is hosted on the game server directly and can be configured in the server_config.json. This feature is optional.

Put your html and other web files in the public_html folder of the server. If it does not exist, create the directory. The connect screen can't load content from the internet. Everything has to be inside your public_html folder.

In your server_config.json configure the page that you want to be shown.

"connect_screen_url": "loadingscreen.html"

In this case it will display loadingscreen.html from your public_html folder.

To enable the cursor during the connect screen you can set the following:

"connect_screen_show_cursor": true


Example video showing a custom screen:

Download example connect screen from the video above:

Download progress events

Since Onset 1.4.2 the following Javascript functions are now called in your custom connect screen.

function OnDownloadComplete(file)
    console.log("OnDownloadComplete " + file);

// (string) msg: The message that is usually displayed to the player.
// (string) file: What file is currently being downloaded.
// (int) remaining_files: Number files still needed to download.
// (string) bytes_received: The number of bytes already received for the current file downloading as a string.
function OnDownloadProgress(msg, file, remaining_files, bytes_received)
    console.log("OnDownloadProgress " + msg + " " + file + " " + parseInt(remaining_files) + " " + bytes_received)