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A package is collection of Lua scripts and other files. You can have up to 64 packages and 1024 files per package on your server.

Allowed file type extensions: lua, js, css, html, htm, png, jpg, jpeg, gif, svg, wav, mp3, ogg, oga, flac, woff2, ttf, pak, json, map

Example packages:

Lua context

Each package has their own LuaVM state. Lua script files that are loaded in the same package can access the same global variables. Variables defined as local are only visible in that single .lua file.

You can export functions from one package and import them in another package. See AddFunctionExport and ImportPackage. This enables you to create packages that act as pure libraries.

Folder layout

Each package has a folder that is placed inside the packages folder on your server. Example layout:



Your package.json defines server and client script files. It also defines what files are required for this package to work. Files defined in client_scripts and files are being downloaded by clients once they join the game server.

	"author": "Blue Mountains",
	"version": "1.0",
	"server_scripts": [
	"client_scripts": [
	"files": [

Each package has a package.json in it's root path. See the folder layout above. Additionally you have to tell the server what packages exist. See server_config to configure that.

Package Limitations
Max packages 64
Max client files per package, including client scripts 1024
Max file size 2GB
Max client script size 1MB

Client package cache

Files downloaded from servers are being cached on the client in the folder: %appdata%\..\Local\Onset\Saved\ServerContent

That way files are only downloaded once. If you change a file on the server the checksum of it will change. In this case the client will be downloaded again by the client. The server.json file stores information of the server from where the files have been downloaded from.