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Type: Event
Context: Server & Client
Introduced: v1.0


Called when a player has shot their weapon and the hit was authorized by the server but not yet processed its impact. You can call return 'false in this event to prevent this hit from further processing. (Server only)


OnPlayerWeaponShot(player, weapon, hittype, hitid, hitX, hitY, hitZ, startX, startY, normalX, normalY, normalZ)


  • player
    The player that has shot the weapon.
  • player
    Weapon model id.
  • hittype
    The type of entity which was hit.
  • hitid
    The identifier of the entity which was hit.
  • hitX
    The X coordinate of this hit.
  • hitY
    The Y coordinate of this hit.
  • hitZ
    The Z coordinate of this hit.
  • startX
    The X coordinate of where this short started from.
  • startY
    The Y coordinate of where this short started from.
  • startY
    The Z coordinate of where this short started from.
  • normalX
    Impact normal X of the hit.
  • normalY
    Impact normal Y of the hit.
  • normalZ
    Impact normal Z of the hit.


function OnPlayerWeaponShot(player, weapon, hittype, hitid, hitx, hity, hitz, startx, starty, startz, normalx, normaly, normalz)
	local action = {
		"in the air",
		"at player",
		"at vehicle",
		"an NPC",
		"at object",
		"on ground",
		"in water"
	print(GetPlayerName(player).."("..player..") shot "..action[hittype].." (ID "..hitid..") using weapon ("..weapon..")")
	if (hittype == HIT_NPC) then
		AddPlayerChat(player, "Hey you, don't shoot at NPCs!")
AddEvent("OnPlayerWeaponShot", OnPlayerWeaponShot)

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